Thursday, April 27, 2017

Saturn Retrograde 2017

Saturn, the planet of KARMA, has been retrograde since April 6th of this year, and will continue until this coming August 25th. Simply put, Saturn Retrograde means a DOUBLE DOSE of Karma. Not just bad Karma, but the good. This is the time it all gets "sorted out".

Shit has been hitting the fan this year, considering all things, all places, and all people... but in my experience, an "undeserved" happening that seemed negative and horrible has always led me to something better. Then again, for most, if not all, of my awakened life, I have personally tried to do what I believe is the "correct" or morally upright thing to do with every decision I make -- many times being manifested through tough love, brutal honesty, and confrontation, even if it makes me unpopular. I don't know what your past, present, or your Karma is. I just know that I tirelessly work incredibly hard, I truly want the world to be better and to be a part of its betterment, and I treat others as I want to be treated.

People who know how I am in my life and how I treat other people MIGHT be surprised to hear me say that, but I feel my confrontational, brutally honest personality that makes people ACCOUNTABLE for the things they say and the decisions they, whether it's knowingly or unknowingly, choose to make is GOLDEN, PROGRESSIVE, and NECESSARY, whether it temporarily hurts your feelings or not. Maybe I hurt your feelings by making you confront a truth, but I have never stepped on someone to get ahead. I have never deceived anyone. Especially not for my own selfish gain. However, I HAVE ignorantly made immoral decisions and mistakes in my earlier youth that I completely, OBSESSIVELY regret, that I have truly learned my lessons from -- and mistakes of ignorance and lessons continue -- but in my more enlightened adulthood, I HAVE UNCEASINGLY STRIVEN TO LIVE MY LIFE WITH HONESTY AND INTEGRITY, NO. MATTER. WHAT. Because, I learned that, through my experiences, when you do that, YOU CAN DO NO WRONG. And with everything I've seen and all of my experiences in life, I am a very, very firm believer in Karma, or divine retribution.

With all of that said, I still have absolutely NO IDEA what is coming my way or what my Karma is like. I don't know if my understanding of morality is actually "correct" or not. I could be completely wrong about everything. Maybe I have done wrong in ways I haven't even thought to acknowledge. But we all will realize these things for ourselves, eventually. Hopefully.

Some seemingly unfortunate things have happened to some people I am near to, that I don't feel were deserved... But to all of you: Please SEPARATE from what has let you go. THIS HAPPENED FOR A REASON. Something else is waiting for you!!! Something better!!! I PROMISE. It has ALWAYS been there for me when I have been stepped on, cheated, lied to, underappreciated, etc. I separated myself from the situation and went into the unknown to come upon something much better! SOMETHING I NEVER EVEN THOUGHT COULD BE.

EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON. LISTEN!!! And move in the direction that They are calling you!!


Wednesday, April 19, 2017


BRILLIANT, SHINING STAR!!! By far the brightest in today's skies!!
(I just had to look back on this magical performance.) #madrespect